Listen to our amps in action

Demo of IronHorse Heritage Combo. 35w all tube amp. Pair of 6L6 power tubes and three 12AX7 preamp tubes. Vol/Treble/Middle/Bass/Reverb/Variable Bright knob/ Variable Output level (Also has a bright switch and boost switch) WGS G12C 12″ speaker in a Pine cabinet with hardwired Point-to-point construction. Built proudly in the US using premium components throughout. TAD 12ax7 Preamp tubes and 6L6WGC Power Tubes.

In this demo I was experimenting with the ratio of the Output control and Input volume. I also explored using the boost switch in connection with varying levels of Input Volume and the Output. I don’t know the exact technical details but the Output knob is not a Master volume. I found that I can set the Input gain to 11 o’clock to Noon and the Output level to 10 o’clock. It becomes touch sensitive so it can be clean with a light touch and dig in and it develops harmonically rich tube overdrive tones. Simply magical.

Demo of IronHorse Heritage 35W 1×12 Combo Tube Amp, 35W RMS, Pair of 6L6GC Power Tubes, WGS G12C 12″ speaker, Pine Cabinet, Handwired, Point-to-point construction, premium components, Schumacher transformer.

Demo Guitar is a Fender Custom Shop 51 Nocaster, NAMM 2017 Limited Edition. First Delay is Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail. Second Delay is a Strymon El Capistan