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Master-crafted, all tube guitar amplifiers. Hand built in Tucson, USA with select components. Our passion – the pursuit of tonal excellence.

Sound Clip is produced with Joe Murphy’s guitar plugged directly into an IronHorse Amp – most often a path switching Copperhead

No digital or analog pedals were used or sacrificed in the recording of these clips!

* What you hear is a great guitarist, a great guitar, plugged directly into a great amp.
*On some songs, delay or other effects may be added from the recording console.

What We Do

We are a custom amp shop that designs and hand builds some of the finest all tube guitar amps available today.  Each amp is unique, built with the specific musician in mind.   We use premium components made in the USA whenever we can including American made transformers, chassis, our logos, the WGS speakers we recommend to even the cabs that are all made in the US.  

And we custom design and produce the amazing, sometimes weird, cool front and rear control plates that allow musicians to custom tune both the look and the tone of his or her amp—we will even place your name on your amp if you choose for a one of a kind masterpiece.   We meticulously do all of this right here in the desert southwest supervised by big ugly, beaded lizards!  

We warranty our amps to the original purchaser for ten years as an indicator of the pride of workmanship.  One year for tubes and speakers.  

We produce guitar and musical equipment tube amps that run from the most pristine clean amps to path switching amps that produce both crystal cleans to a little grit and grind to full blown crank and singing sustain.   See the information in this site about our Heritage, Prophet, Coppperhead and Dragon series all tube amps.  

No matter what genre of music you specialize in, you’ll get fantastic tones out of an IronHorse! It’s perfect for blues, funk, rock, jazz, metal, and more. The audio samples featured here are free of all pedals and digital effects. All you’re hearing is a great musician, a great guitar or other instrument plugged directly into a great amp.

You’ll notice that our amps effortlessly produce gritty crunch and sustain as well as gorgeous clean tones. Thanks to our all-tube design, the sound is crisp, clear, and responsive. Since we value tone above all else, we only produce tube amps. After all, vacuum tubes are still the best way to get that warm, classic guitar tone. Every one of our amps is handcrafted from start to finish. We design and produce everything from the chassis to the front and rear control plates.

Call us to discuss what we do and how we can produce the amp and the tone you hear in your head.  We can help you achieve that.  

Custom Control Plates

We create custom plates for your amp. Contact us today to get started on your design!

Giving Back To the Community

We have donated to the following:

  • Alice Coopers Solid Rock Youth Live in Purpose Centers in Phoenix Metro Area.

  • Women Who Rock/Magee Women’s

  • Southern Arizona Blues Heritage Foundation

  • Additionally, we will be pledging 2-5% of all sales to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.